Tuesday, September 27, 2011

boring dgn futsal dan badminton... Milo buat permainan baru yg kreatif

The recent football match made me so upset so I’m going to create a game with #MiloCansNextGame and win RM 10K!
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Macam2 ada dengan Samsung Galaxy SII... menarik

Thinking about uploading a video testimonial to the Samsung GALAXY SII site. #LoveMySII

Jadi Bintang dgn Avon Simply Pretty 2011

Ever dreamed of being in a beauty pageant? Join #AvonMY Miss Simply Pretty 2011 now!

menang 55k dgn great eastern

Great Eastern's 103rd birthday give away prizes is worth RM55k! Just #BuddyUp now.

Baca buku boleh menang Ipad 2

Pergh! Boleh menang iPad 2 ini. Aku mahu pergi beli buku PTS dan bongkar kod rahsianya. #PeraduanPTS. Bye!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Menang Rm 60k dengan Hitz FM

Who’s d bigger chicken? Hitz.Fm is bringin back #RevengeofTheChicken with a vengence. Play to win ur share of RM60000

Pizza 10 layer .... hmmmm

Today for dinner I’m going to Eat, Laugh & Share with my friends the #ChunkyLoadedPizza at Pizza Hut!